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Project Spotlight: Eye Glass Repair Tool

Product:    Eye Glass Repair Tool

Customer:  Optical Tools



Using our innovative, 7-axis CNC Swiss machining technology, in combination with some of our other advanced machining operations, such as screw machining,  plating, and engraving, Fairchild Industries manufactured a series of aluminum eyeglass repair tools for the optical tool industry. These parts are used to remove screws from eyeglasses.

Before beginning production, our skilled technicians worked closely with our client to help refine their design for better manufacturability – reducing both costs and lead times for product creation.

Meeting tolerances as tight as ± .001″, we manufactured these tools to measure 1.528″ x 1.025″ after extrusion, with a final length of 6.505″. We also supplied all parts with a smooth, 32 RA finish. Each repair tool featured the following components, all machined in-house:

  • Drive screw and pin assembly
  • Large bushing
  • Holder
  • Small bushing
  • Drive screw and knob assembly

After all manufacturing operations were completed; customer part numbers and brand logos were engraved onto the exterior of each finished tool. We then packaged the products into individually labeled bags and shipped all items to locations throughout the United States. Meeting with absolute customer satisfaction for both product design and quality, we now produce 1,500 eyeglass repair tools for this client per year, meeting short, 8-week turnaround times.

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