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Buyer’s Guide

Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts is your source for high-quality CNC custom parts, which we produce through our cutting-edge manufacturing operations. As part of our service, we want to inform our customers about our internal processes, from the moment they request a quote to the delivery of their finished parts. We know how critical it is for our customers to choose the most suitable supplier, and our buyer’s guide aims to ease that decision.

Understanding Our Internal Processes

At Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide a simple and efficient purchasing experience from start to finish. Our internal processes are designed to produce superior precision parts through our range of CNC machining operations, with timely delivery and clear communication throughout the entire process.

When seeking timely delivery, you can:

1 Request a quote.
2 Send a purchase order and receive acknowledgement.
3 Manufacturing Process
4 Final delivery

Requesting a Quote

The first step in the purchasing process is requesting a quote (RFQ). It can be done through our website, where customers can provide the necessary requirements about their parts they are looking to have manufactured.

The information we’ll ask for from our customers is as follows:

  • Technical drawings: Engineering drawings and models are crucial because they have all the detailed requirements of the part’s design. These include dimensional tolerances, material types, special processes, and certain specifications or certifications that may be required.
  • Quantities: The volume of parts needed allows us to give an accurate quote. You can expect discounts and better prices per unit for higher quantities or bulk orders.
  • Delivery dates: Allow sufficient lead time for normal planning. Although we can provide quick deliveries, providing us with the best forecast permits for more economical manufacturing runs and ensures on time delivery
  • Shipping: We utilize UPS and FedEx to ensure quick and safe deliveries of all your parts. If you have special shipping or packaging requirements, please let us know early in the process.

We also accommodate blanket orders, which refers to multiple shipments of the same products over a period of time, mostly within a year. It’s ideal for customers who need a steady supply of CNC custom parts without going through the process again.


Sending Your Purchase Order and Order Acknowledgement

Once we receive your RFQ, we’ll analyze the engineering drawing, review the required specs, determine material availability, and confirm outside service lead times. You can expect a quote for your RFQ within one to three business days. After a customer approves our quote, they must send us a purchase order confirming the desired quantities and agreed pricing. We will then review the purchase order to double-check all valuable information regarding the product. Once our final review is complete, we will send an order acknowledgment. This step is crucial as it ensures that both parties agree that all details are accurate before production begins.

We’ll also double-check all valuable information regarding the product, including the part name, revision level, purchase order number, quantities ordered, and shipping instructions. It confirms that there are no errors or misunderstandings during the manufacturing process. By acknowledging the order, we’re verifying if any changes are required or if the initial details given to us by the client are correct.


Manufacturing Process

The production process will commence once we have sent an order acknowledgement to your purchase order and all vital information has been confirmed. Our skilled technicians and engineers will use the latest CNC machining operations to produce your custom parts with utmost precision. We also conduct quality control checks throughout this stage to ensure that each part meets our high standards.

The JobBoss^2 Enterprise Resource Planning system, we are able to manage all aspects of our manufacturing business, from the initial machine planning stage through full production and finally shipping to your dock.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System is a formalized system that documents the processes and procedures we follow to meet stringent quality standards. At the same time, our customer service team will stay in touch with you to give any updates regarding your order.


Final Delivery

Once manufacturing is complete and all final quality checks have been performed, we’ll ship your order to your desired location. We work with trusted shipping companies that will handle your products safely and transport them all across the nation.

Order Quality CNC Custom Parts

At Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts, we understand the complexities of various industries regarding their need for high-precision CNC custom parts. With our commitment to quality and use of advanced CNC machining operations, we deliver precision parts that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. You can expect nothing but the best from our team. With a less than 0.2% rejection rate, over 90% on-time delivery, and focused risk-reduction strategies, we continue to set the standard for being one of the most reliable precision machining manufacturers in the industry. If you want to work with us as your trusted manufacturer, don’t hesitate to reach out or request a quote. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries or questions.

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